Hi, I am Kriss!

I am North Carolina Transplant as of 2010, by way of South Dakota. I have spent my life in service of others as I believe compassion and giving are a fine way to live. After obtaining a degree in Marketing, with a focus in photography, and working in that field for a few years, I found myself called to do more. I first began my service to others in the military for a period of 10 years, and then proudly as a paramedic since 2010.

2020 brought about many changes for us all. For my family, it brought about a complete lifestyle overhaul when we found out we were going to add a new baby boy in 2021 and then we hit repeat with yet another baby boy in 2023! Having raised one gorgeous, intelligent, and charming boy already, I decided the second time around that I want to spend more time serving my family and doing what I love, creating tangible, lasting heirlooms for yours. In the last 13 years as a paramedic I have gained a profound appreciation for how fleeting and valuable each day is and I'm excited to fulfill my dreams for my future, while I preserve lasting memories for you.

I love to travel and have made my way to several countries with many more to go. I'm a certified yoga instructor and love the principles of it for everyday life. I love to cook and eat, and often photograph my food because I believe we eat first with the eyes! I'm very out going, never back down from a challenge, and believe no adventure is too big, nor too small.

There is no such thing as strangers, just friends we haven't met yet, and I can't wait to meet you!

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing". -Helen Keller